Montreal Internet

Establish and operate an Internet exchange infrastructure that meets the needs of network, content and service providers in Quebec, Canada and North America.

430 ports connected
100 members connected
340 Gbps of traffic

Thanks to our network infrastructure, we offer better latency and lower connectivity costs.

Incorporated in 2013 as a non-profit organization (NPO) under the name Montreal Internet Exchange (EIM) Inc and uses the QIX trademark. QIX enables every connected member to enjoy the multiple benefits of the exchange.

PeeringDB – NLnet Labs – Canadian ISP Summit – Cologix Connect Montreal – NANOG 65 – NANOG 85 – NANOG 92


New Root DNS servers I (Netnod) and K (RIPE) in operations


New POP Cologix MTL7 online


New POP in the works, Equinix MT1 @ 6205 Vanden Abeele, St-Laurent, QC


New POP in the works, Cologix MTL7 @ 1155 Robert-Bourassa, Montreal, QC


QIX has reached 99 members!