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2023-08-04 - New Root DNS servers I (Netnod) and K (RIPE) in operations

2023-07-07 - New POP Cologix MTL7 online

2023-05-05 - New POP in the works, Equinix MT1 @ 6205 Vanden Abeele, St-Laurent, QC

2023-05-05 - New POP in the works, Cologix MTL7 @ 1155 Robert-Bourassa, Montreal, QC

2022-07-29 - QIX has reached 99 members!

Mission and governance

QIX's mission is to establish and operate an Internet Exchange infrastructure that meets the needs of local, national and foreign network, content and Internet Service providers. The objective is to elevate the status of Montreal to that of one of the preeminent peering locations in the Canadian and North American market.

Organisational structure

QIX was incorporated as a not-for-profit organization (NFPO) under the name of the Internet Exchange of Montreal (EIM) Inc. which will allow each member connected to enjoy the benefits and advantages of the exchange. A private operator will ensure the management of the entire operation of the exchange, including membership and connection members, supervision and technical monitoring, management of the members' portal and billing.

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